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Here is the information you need to register your vessel for the 2019 Tuna Cup Challenge.

You have the option to register below through our online form or register by paper form. If you register through our online form, you also have the option to pay your registration online by credit card.

Charter Vessel Documents

To download the charter registration document, click here.

If you want to register online, use the form below.

All tournament participants including captains, first mates & anglers, must sign a liability waiver before the start of the Tuna Cup Challenge. It can be faxed with the registration or can be signed at on-site registration on September 19, 2018. To download the document below, click here.

2019 Waiver

Canada International Tuna Cup Challenge works with the PEI Tuna Charter Association to ensure rules and regulations adhere to the Standardized Catch & Release Plan for Atlantic Bluefin Tuna as outlined by Fisheries & Oceans Canada.

All Vessel Charters Must Have:

  • Transport Canada Certification for Passenger Transport
  • Captains in good standing of the PEI Charter Association
  • Captains with their Limited Masters
  • Vessels must be clean and safe
  • Have sanitary washroom conditions
  • Potable drinking water
  • Fishing shall be by Rod & Reel only
  • Maximum of 4 lines are to be used
  • All hooks shall be barbless circle hooks
  • Departure for the first fishing day shall be 8:00 am
  • Lines out of the water each day at 4:00 pm
  • All vessels shall have either a measuring stick painted on the side of their vessel or use a measuring rope that is measured off in segments
  • All vessels will comply with a fishing or no fishing decision based on weather conditions
  • Maximum of 6 anglers per vessel
  • Each hookup shall be texted to the Harbour Master (902-969-5210) at the time of hookup and release
  • A photo should be included with documentation, in the event of a tie-breaker situation
  • A measurement of each landed fish shall be taken from the corner of the jaw to the fork of the tail and passed along to the Harbour Master, a photo should also be taken.
  • Points will be assigned based on 100 points for each fish landed and released and one point per inch in length
  • The winner shall be the team with this most points over the 3 fishing days
  • Each team is responsible to pay their Captain for the cost of the charter. The fee is $4,000.00 for the contest, for up to 6 people.
  • Each vessel will make one (1) trip per day
  • Rules and regulations will be outlined in the Challenge Program

Download rules and regulations PDF