The 45th Annual 2017 Canada International Tuna Cup Challenge North Lake, Prince Edward Island September 6-9, 2017.

Plans are underway for the 45th Annual Canada International Tuna Cup Challenge and it promises to be the best event yet!

Put your team together and test your angling skills against other competitors from around the world in catching some of the largest tunas in the sea. If you’ve ever fished Giant Bluefin Tuna you know it will test your resolve. This is a fishing experience to be treasured for a lifetime!

The 2016 event was won by the Pink Lumberjacks of the Sea with Captain Kurt Harris and Mate Aaron Flynn of Tony’s Tuna Fishing. The winning team members were Francois Roberge, Romeo DiLiello-Roberge, Bruno Di Battista and Simon Sanscartier. The winning team caught and released 5 tunas over the three days with sizes of 98, 95, 96, 96 & 94 inches.

A total of 36 tunas were brought to the boat throughout the 2016 weekend event, ranging in size from 78 inches up to a whopping 123 inches!

The Tuna Cup Challenge has a long history of bringing people from around the world to fish Bluefin Tuna in Prince Edward Island. Over the past number of years, teams came to Prince Edward Island from countries as far away as India, Denmark, France, Russia, Germany, Norway, South Africa, Japan, Italy, South America, the United Kingdom, United States and of course Canada.

North Lake and the surrounding communities have worked hard over the years to make the Canada International Tuna Cup Challenge truly an international experience that attracts anglers and their families to visit eastern PEI. As a result, they have successfully put North Lake on the map, as the “Tuna Capital of the World”.

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