Prince Edward Island is one of four Atlantic provinces located on Canada’s east coast. The Island is crescent-shaped and resembles a cradle, thus the Mi’kmaq name of Abegweit, which means “the land cradled on the waves.” Our rich culture and heritage offer much to be seen and explored and our warm hospitality sets us apart.

The green pastoral landscape and water views make our Island way of life unique. They also allow us to produce some of the tastiest food experiences found globally. And our miles of sandy beaches are some of the best in the world.

Whether you approach Prince Edward Island by land, sea, or air, you’ll feel a strange excitement begin to stir as you wonder, “What will it be like there?” No guarantees, of course, except that your heart rate will slow, your smiles will last longer, and you’ll sometimes forget where you left your shoes.

Strike up the band and break out the noisemakers ’cause we’ve got reason to celebrate! Prince Edward Island has been named to the Travel Leisure 2013 World’s Best list! Travel Leisure has released their 18th annual World’s Best poll and ranked Prince Edward Island as Top Island in Continental US & Canada.

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